• The head for purging the bottles with compressed air to remove any impurities before filling.
  • Product dispensing head based on a volumetric system with a working cylinder with smooth adjustment

of the dose within the range of 0-20 ml

  • The system of atomizer insertion into the bottle – consists of a 60-70 cm long loading rail, in which the

operator manually places atomizers. All the rest of the cycle takes place in an automatic system so that

the atomizer is properly placed in the bottle.

  • Device for permanently pressing atomizers. The head is adapted precisely to the shape and size of the

atomizer. The clamping force adjustment system eliminates the possibility of damage to the atomizer or


  • Entry conveyor system. The entry transporter is used to manually place empty bottles by the operator in

order to allow them to enter the working module.

  • Collection of the finished product is carried out manually by the operator
  • Sorter and elevator for atomizers.