The necessary units are gathered in a scaffold and machine is able to reach up to 15 cans per minute (CPM) by single heads.
  • Single head filler
  • 35,45,52,57,65 diameter cans
  • 100 -750ml for cans
  • Filling range 5 – 200 ml
Single Head Liquid Filling 167x250

Features of the manual aerosol can crimping machine

The machine is suitable for sealing all types of aerosol cans. And the aerosol cans sealed by it can maintain a high degree of gas tightness in poor condition for a long time.

  • Main parameters of manual aerosol can crimping machine
  • Applicable Valve Specifications for the aerosol can crimping machine 1″(25.4mm)
  • Can Hight of the aerosol can crimping machine 70-330mm
  • All outer material is 304 stainless steel
Single Head 1 Valves Crimping Machine 167x250

The unit is operated on a table by the operator manually.

The aerosol valves are put on the neck of the containers who are already filled with liquid in the previous unit, by the operator manually. The containers with valves on them are put under the crimping unit , and by pressing on the foot pedal the process of crimping and gas filling would be completed at the same time.

The unit can be adjusted with the demanded weight in grams , and also has speed control. Its usage and maintenance is so easy.

  • Air Pressure : 8 kg / cm³
  • Max Production Capacity : 25 pieces / hour
  • Max Filling Capacity : 400 cm³
  • Air consumption : 400 Liters / minute
Single Head Propellant Filling Machine 1 167x250

The unit works next to gas tank on the floor, the incoming gas becomes liquid in the unit and goes to HM 400 YD – Crimping and Gas Filling Unit.Whenever the gas gets pumped into the container in HM 400 YD Unit, the Pneumatic Gas Pump turns on automatically and provides the gas in liquid form in synchronization with gas filling unit.

  • Air Pressure : 6 kg/cm³
  • Max Filling Capacity : 25 liters / minute
  • Air consumption : 40 Liters / minute
  • Depth : 30 cm
  • Width : 30 cm
  • Height : 65 cm
  • Weight : 20 kg
GAS PUMP 102x250