Sora Machine was founded in 1981 by Mr. Yılmaz Kesme who is the father of Barış Kesme, CEO of Sora Group. Sora is the first manufacturer of aerosol product machines in Turkey and currently offers solutions to its customers with the most recent technology and innovative business highlights. Our 30 years experiences in designing and manufacturing demonstrate our know-how. 
Today the company has grown into one of the best manufacturer who is engaged in producing of package, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. On the other hand the company has lots of turn-key projects for various sectors.

Our business demonstrated economical and solution oriented with a full responsibility. We are able to create new projects promptly for future products and good services in various sectors. We respond just in time and flexibly for our customers’ wishes.


We recognize that, quality is prerequisite for the success of our company and the quality is playing a main role in all our business processes without exception. Our strategy is producing quality for our customers’ benefits. Training, innovation, manufacturing, services, after sales supports, R&D, all these statements are publishing sense of our quality management system.

R&D department is always working for newest ideas with analysis to make real, more economic and faster machines with minimum service. In that reason, lots of our projects and patents are approved by Turkish Scientific and Technical Researches Institution. We are providing new ideas and new designs for our industry.
In the 21st century, the aim is to systematically produce faster units to maximize production without compromising from quality and flexibility. We guarantee this issue as a principle to provide customers with quality service. Sora Machine provides high levels of services to its customers from the first contact to customization of the machine according to customer’s needs, up to the final completion of the installations and after sales support.

Even if our customer is a newcomer to the sector we can turn their suitable space to a turn-key factory with our international parthners.

Sora Machine is your solution partner and your products are in good hands.

Services & Solutions


Factory is built on a total of 4.000 m2 area. Our R&D and production departments are equiped with 5 automated CNC machines, 3 CNC routers, welding and painting units to comply with all the technology and capacity needs of customers. For more pictures please visit our social media pages.


With our international partners,we can provide services and solutions throughout globe without any restriction.All the maintanance process of machine is made by experienced mechanic crew and in case of any spare part replacement,no additional charge is required in terms of warranty.


Estimated delivery time of orders is always declared in proposals in order to make clients aware and give time for required preparations before assembling.We aim to keep lead time as short as possible for both sides’ benefit. Nevertheless any delay breaks out because of any glitch caused by buyer or seller,business partners are always informed in soonest time to avoid any disappointment

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