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Turnkey Solution

Sora is a group company of 5 different companies. Sora Cosmetics, Alix Avien Paris Colored Cosmetics, Bebak Pharmaceuticals, Morfose Haircare and lastly Sora Machine. We provide the rest of the group with turn-key factories while they use the machines and give feedback to us. This special condition allows us to constantly improve machinery with endless feedbacks.

Making turn-key factories is one of our strongest suit since we provided many times for even our own companies.

Sora Machine was founded in 1981 by Mr. Yılmaz Kesme who is the father of Barış Kesme, CEO of Sora Group. Sora is the first manufacturer of aerosol product machines in Turkey and currently offers solutions to its customers with the most recent technology and innovative business highlights. Our 40 years experiences in designing and manufacturing demonstrate our know-how.

Our business demonstrated economical and solution oriented with a full responsibility. We are able to create new projects promptly for future products and good services in various sectors.

Advantages of
Turnkey Solution

Firstly, it is easier to make plans in an empty factory. All requirements will be easier to satisfy, all the required pipe work, storage tanks etc. could be choosen better.

  • Our 40 years experiences in designing
  • Our own factories are also turnkey, storage areas etc. are built considering efficency.
  • Sora group can provide you with know-how.
  • Safety is top-notch on turnkey factories due to them being constructed toughtfully.
Sora Machine | Turnkey Solution

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