As Aerosol Makine Teknolojileri Barış Elvan Kesme ve Ortağı Kollektif Şirketi (“Sora Machine”), we value the protection of your personal data and therefore expect you to show the same sensitivity. For this reason, it is very important for us that you read this text detailing which of your personal data we use and for what purpose, and show that you clearly understand the obligations of Sora Machine, which is responsible for their administrative and technical security as “Data Controller”.

Why am I reading this text?

Article 10 of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK“), which entered into force on April 7, 2016, requires that the persons whose personal data are processed (used) (referred to as the data subject in the KVKK) must be informed by the “Data Controller” using this data. We, as the Data Controller, are obliged to prove that you have been informed about the personal data we will process about you.

What is your personal data used and how is it obtained?

As Sora Machine, we obtain your personal data within the scope of the clarification text by digital means (referred to as “automatic” method in KVKK) when you visit our website. What are your personal data obtained and the legal reason for obtaining it are explained below:

Data Category Your Processed Personal Data Legal Reason for Acquisition
Process Security Data Traffic information (your website login and logout time, IP address information, port information) Your specified information is obtained for the legal reason that the processing is stipulated by law through your visit to our Sora Machine website.

For what purpose and legal reason is your personal data used?

In the table below, Sora Machine has detailed the personal data processing purposes realized within the scope of the activity in which the disclosure obligation is fulfilled. Each personal data processing purpose is matched with the categories of personal data used within the scope of the purpose and the relevant legal reason.

Purpose of Processing Personal Data Relevant Personal Data Category Legal Reason for Processing
  • No. 5651 for the purposes of recording and storing traffic information about your visit to the Sora Machine website in accordance with the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and the Fight Against Crimes Committed Through These Publications,
Your data in the transaction security category, It is processed for the legal reason that the processing is prescribed by law.

Is your personal data transferred to others

Yes, we may have to transfer your personal data to our business partners, official institutions, auditors, lawyers and financial advisors. However, we make the transfer only within the framework of certain purposes and within your knowledge. Therefore, your personal data; 

  • To our contracted suppliers and service providers in order to provide you with our services through our website, to increase the quality of the services we offer, to provide technical infrastructure and to carry out support and controls,
  • In order to fulfill our existing legal obligations if requested by authorized institutions and organizations; to regulatory and supervisory institutions and public institutions or organizations that are expressly authorized to request personal data in the laws, 
  • To the mandatory persons and consultants related to the legal follow-up processes that we are working with for the follow-up of legal affairs,
  • It is transferred to our indirect partners in order to monitor, ensure the continuity, audit and reporting processes of business processes

What rights does KVKK give you?

In order to provide you with control over your personal data, the LPPD provides you with many rights, including but not limited to (a) learning whether your personal data has been processed; (b) requesting information if it has been processed; (c) learning the purpose of processing and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose; (d) knowing the third parties, if any, to whom your personal data is transferred domestically or abroad; (e) requesting correction of your personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing; (f) requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data. You can find all of these rights and their details in Article 11 of the KVKK.

How can you exercise your rights?

If you wish to exercise your specified rights, you may submit your requests to us in writing (for example, by means of a notice or registered letter with return receipt) or by using your registered electronic mail (KEP) address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature or your electronic mail address that you have previously notified to us and registered in our system.