Bag-on valve filling processes are demonstrated scheme as below
Some of the nutrition products with bag-on valve on such as olive oil sprays, saffron sprays, etc… are able to be filled properly thanks to this sort of B.O.V filling machine above.
  • Magnet Flex System AISI 304 Stainless steel
  • Working System : Speed Controller
  • Conveyor : 82mm Acetal conveyor belt
  • Conveyor Height : Standard 950 mm (±50mm)
  • Electrical Requirements : 3 Phases, 440V, 60Hz
  • Energy Consumption : 0.75 Kw
  • Dimensions (W*L*H) : 1500*2500*950 mm
  • Machine Weight : ~350 kg
  • Conveyor Motor : Ex‐proof
Can Feeding Table 1 444x250

Entire System of automatic placement and feeding of bag-on valves on to the can is composed by following components as below;

  • Bag-on valves elevator
  • Bag-on valves insertion module
  • Transport of valves to the inserter module
  • Device controlling valve presence in the can
  • Standard 1” valve crimping head.
  • Pneumatic control allows for an individual determination of pressure.
  • Height and depth of the crimp is precisely set to significantly increase production safety and high quality of the aerosol product.
  • During crimping the can is filled with a required amount of air.
  • Our crimping machines are known for their qualitative features like quick setting crimp-diameter, crimp-depth and auto-adjustment.
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel construction and equipment
  • Easy and adjustable can height setting
  • No Can No Fill System
  • Dispensing cylinder adjustable in the dispensing range as per order (180 – 420 ml/each)
  • Filling volume is set with clock display.
  • The measuring device scale corresponds to the cylinder dispensing volume.
  • All components are made of AISI-304 stainless steel. Able to be built by 316 quality stainless steel as well
  • Sealing systems are manufactured from high-quality materials resistant to “aggressive” products.
  • The unit is fitted with a safety device preventing product out-dispensing when there is no can below the filling head.
  • Specifically developed to make quick filling
  • Full pneumatic working piston pressure groups
  • Easy weight adjustment
  • Capturing cans with timing screw
  • Easy and adjustable can height setting
  • Diaphragm pump automatically pumped to the product.
  • No Can No Fill System
  • Construction and equipment are stainless steel AISI 304 QUALITY
  • All Ex-proof motor
  • Cabinet and protective covers
  • Production capacity 80cpm
  • Electronic sensor system at entry and exit gates
  • 35-65 diameter cans
  • 37kw unit motor
  • Single head capper and cap feeder
  • Single head hammer
  • 35,45,52,57,65 diameter cans
  • Operating Air Pressure 8-10 bar
  • 37kw unit motor
  • 18kw feeder motor

The machine does work only if;

  • Enough air pressure provided
  • Conveyor is moving
  • Cap placer wouldn’t start if the container is not in place
  • Electrical power needed by the line 3x440V 60 Hz, 5Kw
  • The voltage and the frequency can be changed to the customer’s requirements IP65 safety class electrical equipment
  • Control unit voltage: 24VDC
  • The necessary control equipment and the basic operator Interfaces are built on.
  • Main switch, main contactors, contactors, motor starters Circuit breakers, terminal fuses, power supply
  • Safety relays, thermistor control relays, etc. Frame and brackets in stainless Steel AISI 304 Standard ESP equipment